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Nadx has a background as a guitarist/musician/songwriter and producer in several punkrock/metal/rock bands during the early 2000s. She has performed and recorded materials with her band Fleurs Du Mal, Hella Morrigan and her side solo experimental project Nadx.

Hella Morrigan is her main band playing doom/sludge metal where she began releasing music on CD independently to her Demo Hella Morrigan in 2010 through TNT music production. The demo was met with generally positive reviews, such as The Metal Archives praising it. Nadx became interested and dedicated to music due to being influenced by her family, as they were musicians themselves during back in the 80's. Only recently, did Nadx begin to take interest to rave the dance floor in the world of synthesizers, electro, witch house, techno, old school hard trance, hard dance, hard bass, tech trance, hard tech, eurodance, early hardstyle, reverse bass, rave rap as well as various styles of psytrance.

Not to forget, with a welcoming great help and familia support from 7Colours Record Label mentors like Fish Winters/Psymurai, Saibat, Joshen and Faris540, Nadx is able to push boundaries and influence to further her talents and passions in music.

Nevertheless, she is new and the 1st female member into the 7Colours Record Label in mid 2018.

Nadx is now pulling her band skills to good use for her DJ works of anything that is old school, dark and hard.

Nadx had performed in local events venues  like at Piedra Negra - Synthwave VS Psytrance, Chimichanga - Techno VS Psytrance / Now Playing, Pulau Ubin - Astral Moon 'Bush' Rambo 6, Owl Bar - Astral Moon 'Pool' The WinterMoon Triple Birthday Bash, Idle @ Infinite Studios - Psytrance More Dope: No Footpath More Footwork.

Whilst in overseas, Nadx had performed in Japan - Shibuya. Tokyo at Bar THE WU.

Nadx had released to her 1st synthwave single in June 2019 and subsequently, Nadx is working on releasing her 2nd single alongside directing to her own album cover modelling photo shoot cover as well as directing to her own music video production.

Along through her DJ journey so far, to the raging beats of hi tech, drum & bass caught to her ears and heart.

Nadx had then been approached by Yapaii Record in late August 2020, which she is far more interested and willing to step up her game to expand her knowledge, skills and commitment into this opportunity in performing at any future events that may come her way with the support of everyone.

Checkout Da VidZ

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