Born in 1974 Nstomp is Andriano 
Stompin with smiles on his set " heavily armed with a sinister intensity, twisted track selections and ferocious energy connecting to the crowd.
Nstomp at his best to decimated festivals , dance-floors across Asia & Europe with resounding appearances in Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Gili Air , Bali, Japan ,Taiwan , Cambodia , Goa , Nepal , Sri Lanka , Croatia , France , Switzerland & Germany so far...
In 2006 Nstomp, together with a bunch of psychedelic trance aficionados of Singapore, started Om Project, which has now become a monthly rendezvous to celebrate the joy of Trance and Dance. Om Project parties are a fresh opportunity to escape and a rare chance to connect with ourselves and other people in a celebration of community spirit and harmony. 
In Nepal 2008, Nstomp met Kikx and Purple Hexagon and started to collaborate together. In the last couple of years they have been breeding a new psychedelic synergy, spreading the light of an invisible energy. Turning their back on the commercial dirge and keeping a constant, caring eye on quality music realease on Purple hexagon records and other labels his connected with, their passion has led to the organization of wonderful parties populated by shanti spirit tribe Yapaii "

Style : Psytrance , Dark Progressive / Electro 
Dark Psy Forest / Twilight , Hi Tech , PsyCore
150bpm - 250bpm

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